B. Patrick

walkie talkie, scanner, dispatch, cb radio
30 original background sounds and music
24 unique city background atmospheres
If you liked Monster 1, you will love Monster 2!
811 individual files, sounds only, fighting, walking, running, yelling, breathing
sounds of hits, grunts, laughs, breath, running, dying and over a hundred phrases
seven black, odd, even, place your bets, bonus, double zero
triple bonus, cherries, bar, winner, winner, chicken dinner, sevens, kings
b4, I 21, bonus play, BINGO!
jackpot, two pair, royal flush, Texas Hold em
split,blackjack, place your bets, everything a blackjack dealer says
monster's fighting, laughing, crying, sleeping, breathing
1-100, a-z, o'clock, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, miles, pounds, January, plus, minus, etc
Everything tennis guys say!
holds, take downs, everything an MMA announcer would say
For all your basketball project needs
824 files, two folders: one with stadium effect, one natural. .wav and mp3
390 files .wav and mp3 of Golf words, phrases, and slang.
The ultimate soccer announcer voice pack containing 596 files.